25th of April, 2014

                Patricia Evangelista as far as I’m concerned is just one of the ordinary contributors in PDI not until in the latter part of the 21st century did her name caught the attention not only of the Filipinos but of the whole world. In her award-winning piece, the “Borderless World”, I somehow adorned how she confidently declared her being a nationalist as she said that even though she wanted to fulfill her western dreams she would still return to the Philippines and nurture it with all of her might.

I was still a high school student then when I heard that piece, at the end of the day I considered her act as not that much of a brilliant offering for our country; not until I learned from PI 10 that Patricia Evangelista upon doing what she said can already be considered heroic or in a more appropriate term, bayani. I already know that brute force is not only a way for one to be heroic but what struck me the most is gaining the knowledge that you cannot necessarily be dead for your acts to be acknowledged as heroic in Filipino standards and alas! the OFW’s  who are coined as the modern Filipino heroes. Such standards have not only been implemented in the modern times, again aside from the feat of winning killing spree of your enemies, bayani, upon incorporating the other concepts can refer to cooperation thus the term bayanihan. Although not much specified, Filipino epics have been concrete accounts of other ways of interpreting bayani’s. These epics are passed on to the succeeding sovereigns of specific tribes like nuggets of wisdom depicting the victory of that tribe amid odds. Rizal, being the national hero, is the most prominent bayani. He has always been a favorite of mine not only because of his remarkable and outstanding love for the country. His heroic deeds mostly spun on the 19th century, a topic we are about to discuss. Going back to Evangelista’s piece, I can now feel the thrill of simply serving the country after realizing your western dreams, you can show your love to your country Rizal style.


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