Delightful Memories (Part 2)

San Isidro Festival (May 15th)

In this festival, we celebrate the feast of St. Isidore the Labourer(locally known as San Isidro). I am always excited to commemorate this particular festival, because every part of the San Isidro Street is filled with arcs that each has “pabitin” on it (hanging fruits, vegetables, and junkfoods). This is done to represent the act of “sharing” that is said to be San Isidro’s trade. People get the “pabitin” after the procession for San Isidro passes that certain spot. Usually, this is done in the afternoon.

True, it is very exciting and enjoyable, however it is not always good to be at the pabitin area. Instead of getting the pabitin, you may get bruises. I remember when I was 9, I cried because I was stepped upon by the excited crowd (plus I get to have some black and blue spots on my arms)ready for the pabitin. Nevertheless, it is fun to just watch the people getting the pabitin, and attending masses for San Isidro with your loving family and friends.

    San Roque Festival (August 16th)

This is a festival in honor of St. Roch (locally known as San Roque). To celebrate his feast, a parade of dogs is displayed touring around around our town. The dogs are said to be a companion of St. Roch.

During this feast, I am able to see diferent breeds of dog in their cutest costumes. Together with their owner they showcase not only fashion sense but also remind us of San Roque.

Hunyuhan sa Barangay (9 days of June)

The month of June marks festivities of extravagant celebration of the feast of Saint John the Baptist. This event can be witnessed in Barangay Bebito, Lalaguna and several barangays.

Mayflower Festival and Santa Cruzan

The “Mayflower” activities consist of one month novena to the Virgin Mary and at the end of the month focus on the grandeur Santa Cruzan. Santa Cruzan is one of the oldest religious traditions of the story of Queen Helena and Prince Constantino looking for the cross of Jesus Christ.

From the Santa Cruzan one can see the young ladies of our town dressed to represent characters in the “bible”. I can reminisce from it my admiration to the Virgin Mary and Her love to her Son.

Mayuhan sa Barangay.

One of the fabulous and exorbitant festivities is the “Mayuhan sa Barangay”. Every barrio folks made a nine-day novena to their patron saint and at the end, is a merry-making “sayawan” with “pinuso” or “arangya” made of harvested fruits and vegetables.

Hopefully our local government will preserve these festivities of us.

These are just a few of the celebrations in our town…I hope you can also enjoy the festivities in our town.



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