Delightful Memories (Part 1)


If yes, I’m glad to have someone who has an experience with Festivals. True, it is very happy to join such, however there are some who has not been in a certain occasion. For those who have not been in a festival, let me share some of my experiences in the festivals of our town:

Lopez, Quezon.

It is still fresh in my memory, the very moments while still in a certain festival in our town. Hanging “banderitas”, colorful parades, lively music from the bands, varied booths, sumptuous foods served in every home are everywhere! Each time, I think of it I feel a certain delight, now let me tell you my different experiences in the different festivities in our town…

Patronal Town Fiesta (October 7th)

This religious festivity is being celebrated as the feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, the town’s patron saint. Several activities are being undertaken in her honor. “Baratillos and perias”, games and variety shows add the colorful event. Procession of the Virgin Mary highlights the affair.

As I remember, the Holy Rosary was given to St. Dominic. She gave it to us for us to use it as a praying vessel that’ll save the people then from the war. Miraculously, The war ended and they were saved. There are so many wonders about the Holy Rosary, nevertheless what’s important is, we know that She loves us all.

A tribute for the Virgin Mary

Every year I get to enjoy different cultural presentation from different schools in our town. We always enjoy to pray the rosary with our family. Afterwards,  my aunt would always serve to us different cuisines she know. For me, this festival symbolizes the love of the Virgin Mary for us.

Pista ng Bayan

The Pista ng Bayan is being celebrated as the founding anniversary of Lopez.

Lopezeno's pride

Several activities are being undertaken during the Pista ng Bayan some of the activities are: cultural presentation done by different civic organization; search for Bb. Lopez; the agro-industrial fair and karera ng pinakamakulay ng bangka from Barangay Hondagua to Pulong Niogan added the attraction on the Pista ng Bayan.

This year we’ve celebrated our 154th founding anniversary. However, I was not able to witness this year’s feast, I was in Laguna for some studying reasons. Nevertheless, I was able to hear stories of enthusiasm, fun, and joy from my friends and relatives.

According to my aunt, many celebrities joined the affair. She cooked her specialties for the event. It’s a a bas thing I was not there, but I’m happy my family enjoyed the event and our town still survives and how I wish, we could celebrate more years of the founding anniversary of our town.

Sulong Lopez!

(continuation, see the next post)


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